What we do

We will make it easy for you to sell

If you are familiar with the automotive branch in the Netherlands, then you probably know Luc Maes or René van Wetten. Maybe you even know both. They have both been active in the Dutch and European markets for decades. First as dealers of various car brands, then as directors of a number of dealer groups. Since 2006, they have been the owners of a solid international sales and purchasing organisation for high-quality pre-owned cars: Maes & Van Wetten.

Maes & Van Wetten: pleasant doing business with you

Maes & Van Wetten facilitates the sale, purchase, import and export of large or small numbers of attractive, late-model vehicles and models. But there are plenty of others out there doing the same. So what makes our company different and better? And why should a remarketing or pre-owned manager like you choose for Maes & Van Wetten? We know the answer (from our own experience as a dealer, we can tell you exactly what standards a good showroom car should meet). But it is better to ask our suppliers and clients.* They will probably tell you that it is ‘simply’ more pleasant to do business with Maes & Van Wetten. Why is that? Read on...

* At your request, we would be happy to provide you with a list of names and references for our clients and suppliers.

Transactions that benefit all parties

We probably don’t have to explain that the car business revolves around profit margins and revenue. But to us, continuity is just as important. That is why we choose our business partners with care, avoid taking risks with regard to the quality of the vehicles and always try to come to a fair-market-price that is acceptable to both the seller and the buyer of the quality pre-owned car. And we are usually able to achieve these goals. The result is a steady growth in Maes & Van Wetten’s national and international network of partners.

We do the work so you don’t have to

You want to be free to concentrate on your work, and we understand that all too well. So when you come to us to arrange the purchase, sale, import or export of your vehicle, we do everything necessary to maximise your profit margin:

  • the necessary (and thorough) technical inspections
  • detailing and maintenance
  • all of the official formalities, such as permits and tax declarations
  • national and international transport and everything related to it
  • financial administration (VAT/Private Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Tax)

In short, we can arrange the complete purchasing and sale process for pre-owned cars anywhere in the Netherlands and Europe. And of course, we do so in compliance with the legal requirements - as well as yours.

Who we are

After completing his studies in Automotive Business Management, Luc Maes found his way to the international automotive branch. He spent a year as an intern at the English Porsche importer. He then went on to work for five years at the largest VW/Audi/Porsche dealership in the Ruhr region in Germany. After he returned to the Netherlands, he ran an Opel dealership and then became the Commercial Director of the Lathouwers Group. But his entrepreneurial spirit never left him, so in 2006 he joined René van Wetten to form the successful company Maes & Van Wetten.  

René van Wetten more or less grew up in the automotive branch. Like his partner Luc Maes, he started working in the market at an early age. His first job was at a respected car dealership in The Hague. After managing a number of Opel dealerships, he went on to acquire two of his own; one in Voorburg and another in Wassenaar. He sold both dealerships and in 2002 he started his own pre-owned wholesale business. Luc Maes joined him in 2006 to form the partnership Maes & Van Wetten.